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The Best Backstage Beauty Shots of London Fashion Week

The Best Backstage Beauty Shots of London Fashion Week

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As much as we love all those glittery frocks, sky-high heels and layers of cold-weather accessories that come down the Fall 2014 runway in droves during London Fashion Week, we probably freak out even more for all those gorgeous beauty looks. From messy buns (how time saving is that trend?), to nude lips, to multicolored, graphic nails, nothing gets our hearts beating as fast or as hard or as a new shade of polish or lipstick. And the fact that most of these new products are available right after each show makes us practically throw our wallets at Sephora; we can make it rain with credit cards right? We poked around to find some of our favorite backstage looks—shots that made us realize gold leaf is surprising versatile and everything looks better with bedhead.

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