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Quick sauteed leeks recipe

Quick sauteed leeks recipe

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I really like leeks and I serve them all the time with roast chicken, steak or fish... I never seem to tire of them! This side dish is easy to prepare and is a delicious way to serve leeks.

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IngredientsServes: 4

  • 4 large leeks
  • 1 onion, finely chopped
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil

MethodPrep:5min ›Cook:15min ›Ready in:20min

  1. Cut the leek lengthwise, rinse well, then slice thinly.
  2. In a frying pan, over medium heat, heat 1 tablespoon olive oil. Add the onion, cook, stirring frequently for 10 minutes. Add the leek and continue to cook over low heat for 15 minutes. Serve!

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This was easy, tasty and great with steak. Just be careful not to have heat too high as the leeks and onions will spoil easily-05 Dec 2012

I made this recipe and served alongside chilli as I'm cutting down on carbs and looking for new vegetable recipes. It was quick, easy and delicious. Thank you.-16 Oct 2013

Very quick and easy - a great way to use up leftovers and add another veg to your plate - thank you-07 Jul 2015

20 Leek Recipes That Are Like, 'Onions Who?'

Leeks are cooler than onions. They perform the same jobs (use them anywhere you would a regular cooking onion) but they're sweeter, with a more delicate flavor. Plus, they're pretty! Give ɾm a whirl with one of these great leek recipes.


Makes a good substrate for baked eggs. (You may want to add more herbs and some garlic.) Oven at 400. Put 4 to 6 eggs in divots with 1t cream or milk each. Season, and bake to taste, about 10 minutes.

Simple and good. Added a splash of white white wine when they started to dry out as I was waiting for other things to finish cooking. Besides serving with steak, served over rice with pork or lamb. I always seem to have a left-over leek in the fridge as most recipes call for two and my grocery store sells them in bunches of three.

I don't know why this hasn't been rated, but it's a gem if you just have mushrooms and leek left in the fridge - it's all about letting the veges be what they are, delicious.

Recipe Summary

  • ¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil
  • 3 cloves garlic, finely chopped
  • 1 tablespoon white sugar
  • 2 pounds leeks, white parts only, finely chopped
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

Heat olive oil in a large frying pan over medium-low heat cook and stir garlic and sugar in the hot oil until garlic is lightly browned, 3 to 5 minutes. Mix leeks into garlic mixture cook and stir until leeks are lightly browned, about 10 minutes.

Drizzle lemon juice over leek mixture season with salt and pepper. Cover pan and cook over low heat until leeks are tender, 15 to 20 minutes.

The most statuesque onion of them all, leeks are a delicacy. And they are edible from their roots right through their dark green leaves, like a vegetable version of nose-to-tail eating. Because leeks tend to be more expensive than their round onion cousins, they are sometimes passed over despite the fact that they are a zero-waste vegetable, and we're here to encourage you to pick some up next time you see them at the farmers' market or grocery. To help you make the most of these lovely vegetables, we've assembled our best leek recipes here.

The plump white bulb of a leek adds aromatic body to countless dishes. Cooked whole, leeks also make substantial meals, like the Buttery Leeks with Thyme and Parmesan that are pictured here. While they are sometimes discarded, green leek leaves are edible and meltingly tender and sweet when cooked in moist heat. You can eat leek roots, too, if you find them still attached. Once sand-free, they are juicy and crunchy, making for a wonderful topping for eight-minute eggs once deep-fried.

Leeks are accommodating and play well with other ingredients, switching politely from summer fare to winter warmth depending on their partners. Paired with crisp sugar snap peas atop toast, they make vibrant tartines for a warm weather supper. Cooked low and slow with earthy potatoes and good cheese, they are comforting on a cold night.

They do require careful washing, though. To clean leeks of the sand that can hide between layers, slit each leek down the center. Fill a large bowl with water and dunk them in. Check for sand and dislodge it with your fingers before giving them another rinse in clean water.

Sautéed Kale with Leeks

I learned this recipe from the super nice lady who does demos in the Produce Section of the Whole Foods in Cambridge, MA.

  1. One bunch of Kale (in theory any version of Kale works)
  2. One largish Leek
  3. 1/2 box of Baby Spinach
  4. Garlic – 3 cloves, diced (powdered works too, if you don’t want to deal with fresh)
  5. Olive Oil
  6. 1/3 t Ju’s Garlic Salt

This is two bunches of Kale, it should be one. This is a GIANT leek. And an unusually small box of Baby Spinach.

First step: cut leeks into 1/3″ coins (they will separate as they cook, so falling apart now is fine. And/or you can cut them in half now.)

In GIANT sautee pan, put 1/3 t of Ju’s Garlic Salt, the diced garlic, enough EVOO to sauté Leeks, and Leeks. (Note: my pan is much wider than my stove burner.)

Simmer on low heat while you prep the Kale.

Wash Kale, remove stems, cut into chunks. They will shrink some, you want these to be bite sized pieces when it’s all done. Some water left on the Kale is good, it will be the source of steam for the cooking.

When Leeks are softening but not soft (they will cook more as you cook the Kale and Spinach) and you don’t want to cook them to the distengrated stage), add the Kale.

Get as much as you can into the pan. Alternate between covering the pan to steam the Kale and uncovering the pan to turn the pieces so that the Kale touches the bottom of the pan and cooks and the Leeks rotate upward to slow their cooking.

When the Kale has shrunk enough to be manageable, add the Baby Spinach. Continue to cook until all the greens are bright green and soft.

What are leeks?

First of all, what are leeks? A leek is a vegetable that is part of the onion family. Other vegetables in the same family, called Allium, are onion, garlic, shallot, scallion, and chives. Leeks have a long cylinder shape: the tough green top portion is not eaten, and the tender light green and white bottom portion is eaten. A leek is similar to a very large scallion (otherwise known as a green onion).

What does a leek taste like? Leeks have a mild, onion-y flavor: the taste is more nuanced and sophisticate than an onion.

Leek recipes

Try our best ever recipes for leeks, including terrific tarts, cheesy side dishes and easy pasta dishes. Make the most of leek season with our favourite dishes.

Pea & leek super-green tart

Enjoy a slice of our cheesy leek & pea tart with a fresh green salad and crusty bread. This recipe works equally well with shortcrust or puff pastry

Salmon & leek parcels

Much easier than it looks, once you have mastered this salmon in filo recipe it will be a dinner party favourite

Buttered leeks

A Scottish favourite, this is one of the best ways to cook leeks – slowly and gently in their own juice

Leek, cheese & bacon tart

This tart looks as impressive as it tastes. Leftovers are great for lunchboxes too

Sausage & leek mash pie

Enjoy sausages and kale with a cheesy mash topping made with leeks and mustard. You can freeze this pie for busy weeknights when you need to feed a crowd

Leek, cheddar & bacon loaf sandwich

Do away with pesky slices of bread and bake your cheesy filling into your loaf - serve as thick wedges

Creamy leek, pesto & squash pie

Take some time aside to batch-cook and fill your freezer with this moreish leek, cannellini beans and squash pie and you'll thank yourself on busy weeknights

Creamy chicken, bean & leek traybake

Throw together chicken thighs, cannellini beans and crème fraîche with a few other ingredients for this easy traybake. You can easily double it up and freeze the leftovers

Cheesy leek & bacon pasta

A creamy and comforting quick pasta recipe, ideal for when you're short on time

Ingredients for these ultimate sauteed vegetables

For this sautéed vegetables recipe, we wanted to pick vegetables that would cook in approximately the same amount of time. When you choose vegetables with different cook times, you can add the longest cooking veggies first and then stagger the start times of the short cooking vegetables. This recipe we customized so you can cook them all at once! We also wanted to pick a rainbow of colors to make a visually appealing vegan side dish, and load on the nutrients. Here’s what we ended up with:

  • Bell peppers: Bell peppers are beautiful, delicious, and are loaded with Vitamin C. A medium red bell pepper provides a whopping 169% of your daily vitamin C! (Source)
  • Red onion: Red onion brings a delicious complimentary flavoring to the sauteed veggies.
  • Carrot: Carrot brings color, a big dose of Vitamin A, and a sweet flavor. (Source)
  • Broccoli: Broccoli adds a splash of green, fiber and protein. We prefer it in a saute over cauliflower since it cooks faster.

Flavor pairings for sauteed leeks

If you’re looking to add extra flavor to your sautéed leeks, the options are pretty endless. This mild allium is easy to elevate with any of your favorite flavors or seasonings from around the world.

Try fresh or dried herbs like thyme, oregano, rosemary or basil. Or add more allium flavor with shallots, scallions or onions.

You can even go a spicy route with chili flakes, paprika or hot sauce.

Or, add a cheesy garnish with grated Parmesan or mozzarella to top your sautéed leeks just before serving.

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