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Apple Butter

Apple Butter

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No it doesn't contain butter !!! It's 100% vegetable ... and good ... and American ...
In fact, it is another method of preparing an apple base as a filling for tarts, pancakes, pancakes or donuts, or simply spreadable. It is fragrant and sweet !!!

  • 4 kg. apples (a little more or less, it doesn't matter)
  • sugar -about 2 dogs
  • brown sugar-about 2-3 cups
  • 200 ml apple cider vinegar
  • 100 ml. balsamic vinegar
  • 2-3 teaspoons of cinnamon
  • grated peel of 1 lemon (yellow part only)
  • optional 2-3 sachets of vanilla sugar

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 90 minutes


Wash the apples well and cut into quarters. So, with the peel and seeds, put them in a large saucepan (ideally a large tuci), sprinkle with vinegar and put on the stove over low heat to boil until the apples soften and become like porridge. Stir often so it doesn't stick. The next step is to pass the apples through the sieve to get rid of the peel and seeds. The resulting puree is measured with a cup, and every 4 cups of apple put 2.5 cups of sugar mixture. Cinnamon must be put generously because it gives good taste. Once all the ingredients are mixed, put them in the preheated oven on low heat for min. 2 hours. Every 30 minutes. mix well. She's ready when she has an ass. intense and glossy brown and does not flow from the spoon. Put in sterilized jars.

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some say it should stay in the oven until it "shaves" with a spoon but I didn't want it to be hard and dry. De gustibus ...


I gave the approximate quantities because the way the apples decrease when boiling differs from variety to variety. if you want a thicker paste, add more sugar and even add a little more vinegar while it is in the oven.

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Selecting, Preparing and Canning Fruit

Use Jonathan, Winesap, Stayman, Golden Delicious, Maclntosh, or other tasty apple varieties for good results.

  • 8 lbs apples
  • 2 cups apple cider
  • 2 cups vinegar
  • 2 & frac14 cups white sugar
  • 2 & frac14 cups packed brown sugar
  • 2 tbsp ground cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp ground cloves

Yield: About 8 to 9 pints

Please read Using Boiling Water Canners before beginning. If this is your first time canning, it is recommended that you read Principles of Home Canning.

Procedures: Wash, remove stems, quarter and core fruit. Cook slowly in cider and vinegar until soft. Press fruit through a colander, food mill, or strainer. Cook fruit pulp with sugar and spices, stirring frequently. To test for doneness, remove a spoonful and hold it away from steam for 2 minutes. It is done if the butter remains mounded on the spoon. Another way to determine when the butter is cooked adequately is to spoon a small quantity onto a plate. When a rim of liquid does not separate around the edge of the butter, it is ready for canning. Fill hot into sterile half-pint or pint jars, leaving & frac14-inch headspace. Quart jars need not be presterilized. For information about presterilizing jars see "Sterilization of Empty Jars". Adjust lids and process according to the recommendations in Table 1.

Table 1. Recommended process time for Apple Butter in a boiling-water canner.
Process Time at Altitudes of
Style of Pack Jar Size 0 - 1,000 ft 1,001 - 6,000 ft Above 6,000 ft
Thief Half-pints or Pints 5 min 10 15
Quarters 10 15 20

This document was adapted from the "Complete Guide to Home Canning," Agriculture Information Bulletin No. 539, USDA, revised 2015.

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German Potato Salad

The wave of Germans who immigrated to Texas in the 19th century brought with them recipes for beer, brats and even potato salad. Made with Dijon vinegar dressing instead of mayonnaise, this recipe can be served hot or cold. You can visit many classic German restaurants in small towns settled by German immigrants that still look like they're stuck in time.

How to Make Apple Butter Cake

This cake is made with 2, 8-inch round cake pans that are layered with the frosting in between. To make the cake, first, mix together the melted butter, milk, apple butter, and both sugars until fully combined. Next, add in the eggs and vanilla. Finally, whisk in the flour, baking soda, and apple pie spice. Mix until well blended.

Before pouring the cake batter into the round pans, spray each pan with nonstick cooking spray and line each with parchment paper. To make sure the parchment paper fits nicely in each pan, simply place two sheets under a pie pan. Trace the bottom of the pan onto the parchment paper. Fold the circle into fourths (in half and in half again) and cut along the outside of the quarter circle. Place a circle in each sprayed pie pan.

Once the batter is ready, evenly pour the batter into the two cake pans. If you have a kitchen scale, now would be a great time to use it to make sure you have equal amounts of batter in each pan. Leave some space between each cake pan when baking in the oven. Halfway through baking, carefully rotate the pans 180 °.

To check for doneness, insert a clean toothpick into the cakes. It should come out clean with no wet batter on it. The cakes should also be springy when pressed in the center with a finger. If an indentation is left in the cake, it is not quite done. When the cakes are done, remove them from the oven to let them cool as you make the frosting.

Apple Butter Recipe and Directions

Step 1 - Make unsweetened applesauce!

That's right, apple butter starts with applesauce! You can use store bought applesauce, but the apple butter won't taste nearly as good. It's better with your own applesauce (either previously canned or fresh made). So if you haven't made some applesauce yet start here with how to make applesauce. Otherwise continue to step 2.

The kicker is, you need about twice as much apple sauce as the amount of apple butter you want to make. It cooks down to one-half the starting volume.

I simply use some of the applesauce I make when I do my annual applesauce making session. Instead of canning the last couple of batches, I fill the crook put and store some in the fridge.

Step 2 - Fill the crock pot

Fill the crock pot to within an inch of full with applesauce, mine takes about 5.5 quarts. You will add the remaining applesauce later, in step 5. Now, you CAN do this using a regular large pot on very low heat on the stove, but the crockpot works much better, because its heat is very low. I've never had a batch burn in the crockpot.

Step 3 -Add the spices

  • 2 tablespoons of ground cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon ground cloves
  • 1/2 teaspoon of allspice
  • Optional: 2 cups sugar (the other 2 cups are used in step 4)

Sugar is optional - some people find the apple butter is sweet enough for their taste without adding any sweetener .. I've stopped adding sugar, and maybe add a little Stevia and people rave about my apple butter. Just taste and see if you like it without sugar first. In place of sugar, you can use an equivalent amount Truvia (Stevia that measures like sugar) or Splenda (sucralose) OR 1 twelve ounce can of frozen concentrated fruit juice (preferably a neutral juice, like white grape or apple). You could use honey or agave, also. The sweetener is present ONLY for your taste, not as a preservative, so you can use anything that is heat-stable, in quantities that suit your own tastes.

You can skip the sweeteners entirely, too but it loses some of the richness of flavor, in my opinion. 95% of folks seem to like using a total of 2 to 4 cups of sugar. Some folks prefer 3 cups of honey or agave instead, and diabetics obviously like Stevia (in a prepared form like Truvia, it measures same as sugar if you use another form, you'll need to do your own conversion) - or Splenda, if you prefer,.

Step 4 - Cook down the Applesauce into Apple butter

Set the crock pot on low or medium heat. I would recommend starting with low heat because you don't want to risk burning the apple butter (you can't get the burned taste out). If, after 8 hours or so, the applesuace / apple butter has not cooked down visibly, then step up the heat to the next setting. Every crockpot is different, so you're just going to get to know which setting works best on your crockpot.

Cover it loosely or use a large pot splatter-guard. It will spatter as it boils slowly, so I also cover nearby surfaces with towels. You don't want to seal it tightly because you want the steam to escape so it can reduce in volume and thicken. A visitor suggests, take a couple of butter knives, and lay them across the top of the crock pot. They are parallel and located about 2/3 of the way out from the center. Then put the lid on these supports, leaving it & quotcovering & quot the pot and keeping the splatters under control, but, leaving a good gap for steam to escape. I just made a batch and tried this approach, but I used a pair of wooden chopsticks or bamboo kebab skewers - they worked great!

Leave it to cook for 6 - 18 hours. How long depends on the size and power of your crockpot, and how thick you like it, If you want to stir it occasionally, that's fine but not necessary. I start mine around 8 pm on high for 1 hour, then on medium until I am ready for bed around midnight, then leave it on low overnight.

But do be careful: if your crockpot does not heat evenly, and has hot spots you can get localized burning. So once in a while, use a rubber or silicone spatula to scrape the sides and look for any burned apple butter. If it does burn: pour the apple butter out of the crockpot into a bowl. The burned apple butter will cling to the crockpot. Clean the crockpot, discard the burned bits and pour the unburned apple butter back in!

Step 5 - Add the remaining applesauce

It should reduce in volume by about half overnight. As it cooks down (the next morning), add the remaining applesauce (about 2 or 3 quarts) and 2 more cups of sugar (if desired!). Then let it cook a couple of hours more to mix the flavors.

Step 6 - Wash the jars and lids

Now's a good time to get the jars ready, so you won't be rushed later. The dishwasher is fine for the jars especially if it has a "sanitize" cycle, the water bath processing will sanitize them as well as the contents! If you don't have a dishwasher with a sanitize cycle, you can wash the containers in hot, soapy water and rinse, then sanitize the jars by boiling them 10 minutes, and keep the jars in hot water until they are used.

Leave the jars in the dishwasher on & quotheated dry & quot until you are ready to use them. Keeping them hot will prevent the jars from breaking when you fill them with the hot apple butter.

Put the lids into a pan of hot, but not quite boiling water (that's what the manufacturer's recommend) for 10 minutes, and use the magnetic & quotlid lifter wand & quot to pull them out.

Step 7 - Blend the apple butter (optional)

You want a smooth, creamy texture, right? The easiest way is to use a hand-held drink blender. It does a great job of making it smooth. It takes 10 minutes. You can also put it into a regular blender, but if you are going to do that, you might want to blend the apple sauce before you put it in the crock pot (it will be much thicker afterwards and won't move in a regular blender). Another visitor says running it through a food mill with a fine screen or through a sieve works, too.

  • Too thick? if the apple butter cooks down too much or is too thick for your liking, just add a little bit of apple juice and blend it in.
  • Not thick enough? Just let it cook some more, with the lid off so the steam can escape!

Step 8 - Fill and seal the jars

If the crockpot isn't keeping the apple butter boiling hot, you will need to briefly return the butter to the stove to get it hotter. It varies from crockpot to crockpot. I find that if I set my crockpot on high for the 15 minutes before I fill the jars and stir frequently, it gets it boiling.

Fill the jars to within 1/4-inch of the top, wipe any spilled apple butter from the top, seat the lid and tighten the ring around them.

Step 9 - Process the jars

Process means put them in the canner and keep them covered with at least 1 inch of water and boiling. if you are at sea level (up to 1,000 ft) boil pint jars for 5 minutes and quart jars for 10 min. If you are at an altitude of 1,000 feet or more, see the chart below. Even though these times are right from the USDA, I usually tend to err on the side of safety and let mine go for 15 minutes there's no harm in going longer, and I have never (in 40 years) had a jar of apple butter spoil or taste bad.

Swaps and Suggestions for Homemade Apple Butter

  • Switch up the spices. This recipe calls for cinnamon, allspice, cloves, and some lemon to bring out the flavor, but feel free to play around with other spices such as ginger and nutmeg if you wish.
  • Switch up the sweetener. We recommend sticking with white sugar for a straightforward apple flavor. But readers have shared some of the swaps they've made in the comments. Check them out!

Peanut Butter Oatmeal


"Peanut butter and oatmeal is my go-to for any meal or snack !," says Amy Goodson, MS, RD, CSSD, LD, and author of The Sports Nutrition Playbook. "It's quick, easy, and satisfying! Plus, as a registered dietitian, I love that a half cup of oats (measured dry) and one tablespoon of peanut butter provides me with almost 6 grams of fiber and approximately 8 grams of protein (depending on your brand of oats) for just under 250 calories! This snack helps you get full faster, stay full longer, and will help keep your energy levels stable in the hours to come.

Top your peanut butter with some apples or berries for some extra sweetness and fiber! Also, We Just Discovered The Easiest Healthy Hack for Oatmeal.

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