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Waikiki's Mahina & Sun's Brings Ohana-Style Feasting to Surfjack Hotel & Swim

Waikiki's Mahina & Sun's Brings Ohana-Style Feasting to Surfjack Hotel & Swim

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Recently opened in Waikiki, The Surfjack Hotel & Swim Club, is an one-of-a-kind spot where “the spirit of 60's beach culture and modern aloha” come together. The four star hotel was inspired by retro-styles and surf culture, and is extremely art and design driven, creating an unique environment in which to discover Hawaii.

All of the décor, interiors, and exteriors have been either refurbished, restored or newly created specifically for this venue. Hawaii's most notable artists and artisans are to thank for the distinctive vibe and atmosphere of this hotel. Handmade wallpapers, a living fern installation, triptych murals, photography, custom lamps, and hand-painted works are just a few of the standout details of The Surfjack Hotel & Swim Club.

No experience would be complete without food, right? The property features the latest culinary concept by Hawaiian chef, Ed Kenney, who owns three other acclaimed Kaimuki restaurants. Named Mahina & Sun’s, this Hawaiian restaurant uses only seasonal, local, and organic ingredients. Unique to this location, is Mahina's Family Feast which features a two- to three-pound whole opakapaka (pink snapper) served family-style along with various sides that include roasted MA'O organic farms roots with inamona; buttered 'ulu with chili pepper water aioli; house pickles; hapa rice; fried boiled peanuts; and dessert.

From the sea offers dishes like kahala crudo, with purslane, preserved lemon, kukui, and brown butter; and monchong, with 'ulu, green beans, cherry tomato, and chervil. As for the land dishes, Mahina & Sun's features dishes such as country pork terrine, with pickles, and buttered portuguese sweet bread; rigatoni with a Hawaiian wild boar ragu; and the kuahiwi burger, with naked cow tomme and Russian dressing.

Fruity cocktails are aplenty on this menu, with drinks like the Lavender Rub with yellow chartreuse, lustau amontillado, and lavender bitters; the Mr. Pink with gin, campari, egg white, rose, and curacao; and Inigo Montoya, a drink with lemon grass, americano citrus, and celery bitters.

And for dessert? Options include an indulgent salted mac nut meringue, lemon-polena curd, and vanilla cream, with local fruit and a banana-butterscotch pudding with bourbon cream.

Next time you're in Waikiki, stop by for some poolside cocktails or a lunch or dinner filled with aloha.

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Watch the video: Mahina and Suns at the Surf Jack Hotel (June 2022).


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