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7 Décor Essentials for a Great Gatsby Inspired Living Room

7 Décor Essentials for a Great Gatsby Inspired Living Room

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F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby has been an inspired masterpiece since its publication in 1925. Chronicling the Roaring Twenties, the story details the breakdown and dangers of getting caught up in the American Dream through its protagonist Jay Gatsby. With five film adaptations, including the most recent from Baz Luhrmann, the look of The Great Gatsby has been made to represent a fantastical version of the 1920s, from fashion to interior décor.

Once you get your Gatsby fashion down, you may want to get your very own West Egg abode too. Luckily, all you really need is a select few essential pieces that will evoke the Art Deco style of the period, from the perfect glass chandelier to the right minimalistic art print.

1920s Odeon Glass Fringe 5-Ring Chandelier, Restoration Hardware

No Gatsby-inspired living room would be complete without a chandelier hanging low above a sofa. This 1920s Odeon Glass Chandelier ($2,550) from Restoration Hardware takes from Parisian Art Deco, evident in the combination of straight and curved lines. The k9 glass pieces give "optical-quality prisms" and are hung on five concentric rings, giving a nice contrast to the iron frame that supports it. The frame also reflects the labor that went into crafting the finished product, bringing some modernity to the overall design.

Beverly Sofa, Williams-Sonoma

If you feel like channeling your inner Daisy Buchanan, try lounging on the Beverly Sofa from Williams-Sonoma. Featuring the classic Chesterfield style of button-tufted padding, we think the Grade G Ivory Leather option is the best, which will run you $6,950. We especially love the exposed turned legs that keep the sofa off the ground and the high rolled arms.

TimeLime Art Deco ArmChair, Atolye Baska for Etsy

A nice pop of color works for many eras and Art Deco is no different. Adding this bright TimeLine Art Deco Armchair from Atolye Baska to your Gatsby-themed room will definitely help pull the rest of the room together. Maybe snatch two of them and arrange them to frame the more subtle ivory couch. With a solid wood frame and legs, this arm chair is upholstered in quilted velvet, has a gazelle silk matte finish. If green isn't your color, they also sell the chair in a bright orange.

"Times Square" Giclée Print by Zelda Fitzgerald,

If you're serious about decking your space out with Great Gatsby-inspired décor, it would be seriously wrong to omit an art print from the real Daisy Buchanan. has just unveiled their exclusive collection of art by Zelda Fitzgerald, F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife. An iconic novelist and artist in her own right, Fitzgerald's colorful art prints are not to be missed. Costing $99.99 for a 24" by 20" Premium Giclée Print, "Times Square" shows New York City at night and was painted from her romantic memories of happy times with her husband.

Giclée is French for "to spray" and is a process where "millions of ink droplets are sprayed onto a high-quality paper. The smooth transitions of color gradients make giclée prints appear much more realistic than other prints."

iPhone Gramophone, Restoration Hardware

It wouldn't have been the Roaring Twenties without music so to complete your Gatsby theme you're going to need some tunes. Try listening to some Louis Armstrong and Bessie Smith on this retro-designed iPhone Gramophone from Restoration Hardware. Borrowing the speaker horn from the early phonographs to amplify your tunes, just stick your iPhone in the solid walnut dock and according to the company, the horn (made from iron and brass) will give the music a volume boost by three to four times. Better still, you don't even need electricity or batteries, making it completely portable.

Antiqued Brass and Mirror Bar Cart, Rejuvenation

If there's one activity prevalent in The Great Gatsby that's still popular today, it's drinking. Great for parties or just a quiet night in, this Antiqued Brass and Mirror Bar Cart ($1,398) from Rejuvenation would roll up perfectly to your preferred lounging spot. Featuring two glass shelves with antiqued-mirror borders, you can probably fit quite a bit of bottle and martini glasses on here. The company promises that the design is sturdy thanks to its brass frame and shelf rails.

Genuine Alabaster & Brass Sconce, House of Antique Hardware

A single chandelier isn't going to be enough lighting for an entire room so consider mounting a few of these Genuine Alabaster & Brass Sconce's from House of Antique Hardware on your walls. Costing $750 each, this Art Deco sconce features genuine Spanish alabaster shade and a brass carriage that's finished in a French gold patina. If you want to bring in some romantic light for an intimate re-connection with a past love, these give off a warm and mellow glow that would accompany your intentions perfectly.

30 Black Living Room Ideas (Forced Me to Rethink this Design)

Thanks for visiting our black living room photo gallery where you can search lots of black living room design ideas.

This is our black living room design gallery where you can browse lots of photos or filter down your search with the options below. We hope you find your inspiration here. We add new designs every week.

Modern living room accented with striped wall panels and a geometric rug. On the other hand, it is contrasted with white ceiling along with artwork and home decors.

Black living room designed with a round wooden mirror above wainscoting. It has indoor plants that create a refreshing ambiance to the area.

Dark living room with black full wainscoting and brick walls. It includes a gray chair lighted by a floor lamp over wood plank flooring.

This living room features a gray wall styled with a huge blank canvas and illuminated by a pair of pendant lights.

Minimalist living room boasts a chevron wall and blue tufted sectional paired with a metal side table and black floor lamp.

Living room with a black L-shaped sectional sofa accented with various styled throw pillows and patterned rug over herringbone wood flooring.

Sleek living room showcases a modern black loveseat against the white wall. It includes a dome floor lamp and a potted plant that adds color to the room.

Fresh living room features a gray sofa with an ottoman facing the television above a wooden stand. It has indoor plants on the sides creating a tropical feel.

Gorgeous living room styled with a classy hex paneled walls. It has a brown leather sofa and chairs paired with black metal coffee tables.

Black adjacent sofas sit on hardwood flooring topped with a gray rug in this living room. It is lighted by a pair of industrial pendants.

pillows.” width=�″ height=�″ />

The spacious living room offers a black sofa and chair along with a gray shaggy rug topped with a wooden table and throw pillows.

An open living room decorated with a minimalist canvas. It has a brown L-shaped sofa with white coffee tables over a black geometric rug.

Fabulous living room boasts a tufted leather sofa accented with fur pillows and matching rug. It includes a multi-colored floor lamp and a modular coffee table.

A black living room filled with a huge velvet sofa and ottoman. It has glass windows wrapped in translucent roman shades and black draperies.

High ceiling living room framed with black metal beams showcases white brick pillars. It includes a brown tufted leather sofa and light wood coffee table over a beige rug.

The Mine

Luxurious living room illuminated by fancy gold chandeliers that hung from the cathedral ceiling. It has a fireplace with white mantel topped with a framed artwork.

pembrooke & ives

A contemporary living room filled with a beige L-shaped sectional and a quadri coffee table. It has a floor to ceiling windows covered in sheer curtains.

Giacomo Morelli photographer

A closeup look at the black velvet sofas framed with gold metal in this black living room. They are paired with a glass top coffee and side tables with a desk lamp.


This living room features a green chevron coffee table surrounded with white sectional and modern leather chairs over a yellow zigzag patterned area rug.

Kofler Design Build

Warm living room boasts a black marble accent wall fitted with a modern fireplace. It has elegant wood wall panels illuminated by sconces and recessed ceiling lights.

jamesthomas Interiors

Bright living room offers a full height glazing bringing plenty of natural light in. It has a beige pillar fixed with a black fireplace facing the cream sofa set.

luján + sicilia

Eclectic living room accented with a blue sofa and colorful rug that complements with the artwork next to the modern fireplace.

Art & Design Collective

Modern living room decorated with a lovely canvas painting facing the black coffee table and white chairs. It has a concrete wall and gray marble flooring.

Hollis interiors

Shabby chic black living room with brick walls and arched mirrors complementing with the coffee table surrounded by black chairs and a leather bench.

Jacob Hand Photography + Motion

Traditional living room illuminated by a wrought iron chandelier that hung from the coffered ceiling. It is designed with a sunburst mirror along with framed arts and stag head decor mounted on the black wainscoted wall.

Architecture Outfit

A pair of terracotta chairs sit in front of the ornate fireplace lighted by wall sconces above wall art pieces in this black living room.

Heidi Caillier Design

Airy living room features a pair of gray fur chairs beneath the glass window lighted by a brass floor lamp and paired with a round black table.

Claridge Homes

The gorgeous living room offers a black leather couch in between side tables topped with gold lamps. It has a black wall with gold lining and mounted frames.

Van Parys Architecture + Design

Transitional living room illuminated by a contemporary chandelier and natural light from the white framed windows. It includes gray bean bag chairs and a wavy wooden coffee table.

HSH Interiors

Elegant living room showcases a black textured wall fitted with a television and fireplace. It is furnished with a curved sofa, various shaped coffee tables and a pair of white faux fur chairs over a round brown shaggy rug.

Black is a powerful color that represents sophistication, elegance, and style. It’s a classic color that many homeowners use for accenting throughout a living room. If you’ve thought about incorporating more black in your living room, there are ways to do it without making it feel like you’re trying to darken out any light.

Out of the 552,888 living rooms and 14 colors analyzed, 7.75 percent (or 42,847) have black as the dominant color.

The Open-Plan

The Layout: In an open-plan room that connects to a dining area and kitchen, separate the space with a large L-shaped sectional, thereby creating a living area enclave.

The Sofa: When picking the sofa, be especially mindful of the side of the L-shape. In a small space, you want it sitting alongside the windows, not blocking the pathway. If you're planning on floating the sofa, pay attention to the back of the sofa, as you'll be seeing it as much as the front.

The Extras: Finish the space with a coffee table and side table next to the sofa. Create extra seating and a reading nook with a lounge chair and floor lamp across from the sectional.

A bright wallpaper visually separates living from dining areas.

Where To Buy Art Deco-Inspired Furniture And Decor Online On A Budget

From terrazzo tiles to rattan headboards, there are lots of home decor trends that have made a comeback recently. Industrial interiors are in, as are the desert designs of the Southwest.

One of the biggest trends actually comes from 100 years ago: art deco, which reigned supreme in the ’20s and ’30s, the age of “The Great Gatsby,” flappers and Prohibition. A century later, we were due for a revival anyway, according to The Washington Post.

Art deco was thought to be very modern back in its heyday (hey, we are still talking about it in 2020). The art and architectural movement influenced everything from furniture to fashion, which featured feathers and fringe.

So what does art deco style look like? Art deco is probably best known for getting geometric with symmetrical patterns, curved lines and shapes such as shells, chevrons and sunbursts. You can tell something’s art deco even from far away.

When it comes to what art deco furniture looks like, think velvet scalloped back chairs, wallpaper that features fans fanning out and gold bar carts with glass shelves. Mirrors are a must (like this one from CB2), as are materials such as brass and marble.

Art deco interior design elements definitely make for a decadent look.

It got a little makeover in 2020 and became a little more modern in the new decade. Architectural Digest even described a trend called “neo deco,” which takes inspiration from art deco and adds things that aren’t traditional to the movement, such as pastels. rather than traditional art deco colors of black, gold and navy.

11 Creative Bonus Room Ideas to Complete Your Home

Decor inspiration for home offices, craft rooms, playrooms, and more.

You may already be content with the design of your kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedrooms, but there's one space that's likely been put on the backburner for far too long: your bonus room. While the other areas of your home are essential spaces, bonus rooms allow you to be flexible with your design approach. You can use your bonus room to practice a hobby, like crafting, have a dedicated space to boost your workout routine, or even design a relaxing retreat for an overnight guest or two (once it's safe to do so, of course).

From kids' areas to reading spaces, click through for 11 creative bonus room ideas to take your home to the next level.

Welcome guests with all the essentials needed for an enjoyable stay: comfortable beds, great lighting, and a nightstand full of good reads.

Turn your bonus room into a dedicated workspace with a chic desk, colorful supplies, and just enough shelving for books and papers.

Maintain a well-organized craft room to stow supplies and retreat to whenever creativity strikes.

With a study area this chic, your kids won't have any issues tackling their homework assignments. This striking design scheme, featuring black-and-white carpeting and a chalkboard accent wall, is guaranteed to help maintain their focus and let their imagination run wild.

Tired of your kid's toys taking over your living room? A playroom is a great solution. Go for ample storage, add a mini desk, and use bright colors to help build your little one's imagination.

Whether you play the piano or just need a space to sing along to your favorite hits, a music room is a good idea if you have the luxury of space.

Ideal for a small space, a rattan swing chair and petite end table make for the perfect lounge area.

Give your kids the ultimate sleepover spot that's outfitted with statement wallpaper, well-designed bunk beds, and enough floor space to play games before the lights go out.

Some days call for reading in bed and other days, you might want to curl up with a good book in a library setting. Create your own sophisticated home library with a luxe chair and built-in shelves for your collection.

If you don't have room for a whole library, you can create a one-of-a-kind reading space complete with vibrant wallpaper and colorful furniture.

Take family game nights to the next level with a room that's designed just for fun. Go for statement game tables, playful art, and durable seating.

1. Bluetooth Speakers

The Bluetooth speaker is an essential home staple now, but the market is oversaturated with boring, rectangular-speakers that blend into themselves.

However, plenty of electronic designers have made impressive works of art out of sound equipment. For example, audio by Bang & Olufsen includes a White Beoplay A9 Speaker that sits on a three-leg walnut base.

It hardly even looks like a speaker but fits right in a modern, minimalistic home setting.

Learn more about affordable and stylish Bluetooth speakers at https://maxyourhometime. com

55 Living Room Decorating Ideas You'll Want to Steal ASAP

Take notes from these styling, examples, and shopping tips.

You spend a lot of time in your living room, so it not only needs to look great, but it also needs to be functional and comfortable. Mastering this trifecta can be a design challenge for sure, but we've rounded up the best living room examples to inspire your own decorating projects. From modern and formal spaces to approachable and rustic environments, there's a living room idea you'll want to take home below. Keep reading for 55 stylish designer living room tips, ideas, and shopping suggestions for spaces of any size.

🏡Love looking at designer spaces for inspo? Us too. Let's obsess over them together.

Instead of decorating your coffee table with the classic assortment of stacked coffee table books, opt for something subtly quirky and unique. Here, Romanek Design Studio covered the surface with a collection of classic pots and planters, which both enhance and juxtapose the formal, traditional elements throughout the space as well as the more modern ones, making for a fun and eclectic yet timeless whole.

Check out Terrain for all your indoor and outdoor gardening needs.

If you don't love playing with tons of pattern and bold colors but do appreciate experimental pieces and tasteful pops of color, take note from this living room. Rather than opting for all black and whites, the anchor pieces&mdashlike sofa and tables&mdashremain neutral while the throws, artwork and lamp offer just a splash of color (nothing too crazy, just marigold, red, navy, and green).

Check out Design Within Reach for iconic design pieces.

While the classic blue grasscloth wallpaper, floor lamp, and curtains set the stage for a traditional living room, designer Heather Hilliard added some unexpectedly edgy elements. The floral sofa and the green lucite coffee table are a welcome surprise that break up the classic elements without overshadowing them.

Check out Kartell for cool lucite furniture.

Though classic and timeless, this living room by interior designer Kevin Dumais is also having tons of fun. From the red painted ceiling to the velvet floor cushions for extra seating and the bold artwork, no detail is overlooked. To make the room feel even more soft and intimate, Dumais upholstered the walls in a leather fabric.

Check out Crate & Barrel for family-friendly staples.

From the fun pillows and ottoman, elegant gilt mirror, and bright blue walls, this space by Anna Spiro Design is perfect for low key nights in or more formal gatherings. And the pleated yellow lamp is what really makes the living room feel cheerful and cozy.

Check out 45 Three Modern Vintage Home for fun, one-of-a-kind vintage lighting options.

A crisp, matte white living room is pristine, elegant, and timeless. Adding glass and metallic features sharpens up the white pieces. Sherwin-Williams Pure White is there for you when you don't just want to experiment with trends anymore.

Check out Wayfair for all your home decor needs, from staples to accents.

In this eclectic living room designed by Heidi Caillier, the jute rug, wood finishes, and brass accents bring plenty of warmth to ensure a cozy, inviting space. The colorful contrasting prints throughout contribute to the playful yet formal spirit of the room, too. And though it doesn't necessarily stand out, the cream paint color makes a transformative difference. White would be much starker.

Check out Serena & Lily for fun yet classic throw pillows.

Before you even start decorating your living room, remember where you are. If you live in a casual beach house, your design scheme is going to look very different from an urban industrial loft space, for instance. In this beach house by Arent & Pyke, the design team focused on channeling the tropical vibe of a coastal home through fun motifs and casual materials. Yet, they still maintained a look of sophistication through fresh upholstery, beautiful artwork, and a thoughtful layout. That being said, if you're a sucker for kitsch and wish you were always on island-time, add a hint of it with one statement piece, like a vintage Hawaiian-print rattan chair.

Check out Serena & Lily for coastal-inspired pieces.

Nothing ramps up the fun like a playful touch in the family room. This hanging chair in a living room designed by Romanek Design Studio is proves our point&mdashbut the handsome leather upholstery also ensures a more sophisticated look. It's the perfect blend of cozy and cool.

Check out Modshop for groovy retro-inspired pieces.

Here's a lesson in monochromatic decorating with soul. Designed by Studio Razavi, this Parisian apartment is a beautiful blend of modern and Neoclassical style. While the bones of the room evoke a grand sort of opulence, the plush Moroccan rug and spacious white sofa make the space feel more approachable.

Check out Wayfair for endless options of decorative pillows.

Wallpaper is one of those trends that just keeps on giving and giving. If you go with a classic chinoiserie wallpaper, you can do just about anything with it as your style changes over the year. This modern self portrait by Chuck Close is a bold contrast to the chinoiserie wallpaper (Iksel's Eastern Eden) behind it in this Miles Redd&ndashdesigned home. The contrast doesn't stop there: Redd continued to venture beyond design convention by incorporating contrasting jewel tones and mixing modern furniture styles with antique pieces. Oh&mdashand believe it or not, the lime green chair is from Ikea! Proof even the best designers love a good deal.

Check out Anthropologie for bold wallpaper prints.

When you have crisp white walls and neutral staples, like a sofa and coffee table, choose one statement item that brings in a surge of colorful energy. It can be anything from a vibrant piece of art on the walls to a bright carpet like this one in a living room designed by Leanne Ford Interiors.

Check out Homestead Seattle for colorful, one-of-a-kind rugs.

If you love the soft look and feel of upholstered walls but don't want to embark on that major of a project (you'll need to install padding, etc.), then try a fabric-effect wallpaper or a grasscloth. In this living room by Gail Davis Design, it suits the warm leather and brass pieces wonderfully, while the blue painted accents cool things off.

Check out Gooddee for tons of modern and unique living room items.

Designed by Redmond Aldrich Design, this living room manages to be unique and versatile, colorful and understated, approachable and impressive, all at once. That's thanks to the quirky, eclectic mix of frames, a light wood paneled wall, a classic carpet, and an unexpectedly colorful sofa. If you typically like to stick to more neutral tones at home but find yourself generally drawn to color, consider venturing out with a dusty rose, forest green, or navy sofa&mdashthey're the new neutrals.

Check out Article for sofas that feature classic silhouettes and moderately experimental colors.

Want to go a little glam without looking too showy? Add in minimal brass accents, like a metal-frame coffee table and eye-catching metallic lighting. This living room is also a good blueprint for small space decorating. While the only three furniture items are two seats and a small coffee table, the ceiling light is all it takes to make the entire room feel special.

Check out CB2 for on-trend and affordable lighting options.

Wall art is a great way to add a big statement in a minimalist living room. It doesn't take up any surface space, but it can really transform the aesthetic. Use an abstract photograph like this one to dictate the colors of your throw pillows for cohesion.

Check out Tappan Collective for cutting-edge art.

In this modern mountain home designed by architecture firm Studio Razavi, the classic cabin aesthetic gets an upgrade. The plush carpeting and sheepskin throw warm things up while the modern light fixture, streamlined furniture, and neutral colors ensure a calming, laidback, and stylish environment.

Check out IKEA for plush and affordable accessories.

Who says backsplashes are just for your kitchen? Try tiling your fireplace. It adds an artful, customized touch to the living room without being overpowering. This is especially true if you opt for neutral or black and white geometric tiles, as in this Leanne Ford&ndashdesigned space.

Check out Lowes for tons of mosaic tiles.

The sofa in Apartment Therapy founder Maxwell Ryan's living room is a prime example of perfectly mismatched patterns. The couch maintains a tonal blue scheme, and the blue rug beneath it ties the whole look together. It's a great way to practice your pattern mixing if you're not ready to work with the entire rainbow yet.

Check out ABC Carpet & Home for beautiful textiles and throws.

A formal living room can be full of fun and personality, too. Interior designer Corey Damen Jenkins sets the bar with a glam pendant light, marble fireplace, and plenty of luxe touches, like the emerald green velvet sofa. And it optimizes all useable space, thanks to a built-in bench between the fireplace and window niche.

Check out Etsy for handmade cushions and custom throw pillows and art supplies to rework at home.

Designed by Studio Razavi, this eclectic Parisian apartment is a breath of fresh air. Not only does it prove that you can use a wallpaper mural in a minimalist environment (the grayscale color palette helps), but it's also the perfect example of how to design a living room that's both fun and relaxed, sophisticated and formal. The key? Seating needs to be comfortable, and materials need to be casual but clean.

Check out RH for high-quality, comfortable, and timeless seating.

"The room doesn't get a lot of light, so I decided to make it cozy and turned it into an English-style portrait room, which is ridiculous, but fun," says celebrity chef Alex Hitz. Taking the cozy route in a living room without a ton of natural light is a great solution. And what's cozier than a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf with seating beckoning you to curl up on it? To display your books more creatively, offset them with artwork. In this room, a Peter Rogers portrait of Alex Hitz's close friend, the late Nan Kempner, hangs over the bookshelves to create some contrast.

Check out Design Within Reach for stylish and modern wall storage options.

If you frequently entertain guests at your home, choose a strategic living room layout that promotes conversation and comfort. For example, this living room designed by Leanne Ford Interiors, incorporates semi-circle seating that's both spacious and inviting. Sectionals are also a good option when a circular sofa isn't. And if you also love the all-white aesthetic, take note. Ford brush painted the natural IKEA rug and custom-made rope light.

Check out Crate & Barrel for spacious, family-friendly sectionals.

Aside from the adorable dogs (Jacob and Wylo) cuddled up on the armchair-meets-dog-bed, that gallery wall is the clear statement-maker in this living room designed by Philip Mitchell. Mix and match frames for a subtle nod of personality. And speaking of personal touches, consider hanging art that means something to you, whether it's your children's artwork, your own, or a portrait of your pets.

Check out Framebridge for custom framing with tons of stylish options.

The fiddle leaf fig tree definitely wins the popularity contest as far as design favorites for indoor trees. And for good reason: They look great with pretty much any interior design scheme, from bohemian rooms to modern spaces like this one designed by Hecker Guthrie. It really freshens up the cooler gray tones of the living room and makes that floral-printed pillow pop even more.

Check out Chelsea Garden Center for beautiful indoor plants and garden essentials.

Double your living room's function by investing in practical, multi-purpose furniture. Here, in a space by Justina Blakeney, the console table also functions as a fold out desk. But it's not all work&mdashthere's definitely room for play, from the lush plants to the fun details, and colorful patterns throughout.

Check out Jungalow for beautiful bohemian accents and essentials.

A black marble fireplace strikes the perfect balance between edgy and timeless. It anchors this living room designed by Arent & Pyke, which get a contemporary lift from the jute rug, modern and bright artwork, and shapely table lamp. And because the armchairs are a classic silhouette, they'll last forever&mdashyou can reupholster them with different colors and prints throughout the years as your taste and style changes.

Check out Chairish for vintage and timeless investment chairs.

This hot pink fireplace was inspired by the homeowners' grandmother's favorite shade of lipstick, interior designer Kristen McCory tells us. Have fun with little details like that and look for inspiration everywhere! If painting your entire living room a bold color sounds intimidating, opt for a statement wall or mantle.

Check out Home Depot for a range of fresh color options.

Make it easy on yourself by sticking to a very consistent, very simple color scheme. In this space designed by Leanne Ford Interiors, she worked within a strictly all-white color story. Even the firewood is painted white! We'll let that be a lesson in attention to detail. Then she choose one item to really pop in a bright color. In this case, she went with a bright red Pierre Paulin Ribbon Chair.

Check out Farrow & Ball for beautiful high-quality interior paints.

Color stretches all the way up to the high rafters in this living room designed by Thomas Jayne and William Cullum. As you can see in the mirror, the color of these walls changes depending on the way the light hits it, shifting between sharp mint green and soft sea foam green. The red and blue work nicely, too, as the red is featured in the carpet, coffee table, and sofas, blending everything together beautifully. All together, the room feels traditional and formal, country chic and casual. To elongate your already tall ceilings, hang a pendant light high above the sitting area.

Check out Target for tons of contemporary light fixtures.

5) Actual Instruments!

Whilst not everybody who decides to have a music room in their house is a musician, a large chunk of them are. This is why this component is so important.

If you have instruments in your house, this room can be the home to them all. There’s nothing cooler than a room full of instruments that are ready to go. Even if you just get a cheap acoustic guitar, this can bring the room to life. This room can be home to impromptu jam sessions, practice sessions, songwriting spells and more creativity.

Whilst we recommend that you have your instruments out and ready to go, some, of course, are best kept in cupboards or cases. Either way, this room is the place for them.

Don’t feel limited to only instruments you can play, try to include a range. If you create a space where you feel comfortable and new instruments are readily accessible then you’re much more likely to pick up something new to learn.

Balance Different Materials

The same way you should pay attention to scale, you should also look to balance the different materials in the room so as to not end up with a room full of mid-brown wood tones. For instance, mix a sleek stone surface such as marble and travertine with a more rustic material such as cane or rattan.

Mix shiny black wood finishes with matte blonde wood. Add in glass, metals, velvet, and patterns. Thinking of materials in terms of contrasts will help in creating a layered space.

Modern Living Room Elements

Different than contemporary

Contemporary living rooms are current designs. Modern is a set style – not one that changes to current times.

Most modern living rooms are minimalist in design and decor

It’s also important that the room is not cluttered whatsoever and is cleaned regularly. White is a commonly used color in modern living rooms, and regular cleanings help to get out those tough spots and stains. It also helps the colors to stay crisp and contrasting.

Floor-to-ceiling glass windows or walls

Using crown molding helps to give the appearance of floor-to-ceiling walls. It makes the room seem as if it were custom, while also creating a luxurious and modern atmosphere.

Often plenty of white

Choosing a vibrant color palette creates the modern aura that you’re trying to achieve. For example, bright reds, black doors, and stark whites is a popular color scheme. Painting the doors black throughout a modern living room give it an elegant and expensive look.

The modern look calls for a kind of high style that most other living rooms don’t, and it can get a little pricey. The most simple way of saving money on decorating your living room is by shopping online. Check out our massive list of 107 online furniture stores.

Straight lines

The walls, windows, and furniture are straight lines. Very little curves and ornamentation.

Whatever your living room tastes, you’ll find something you like below. Enjoy our gallery below.

Be sure to check out our modern sofa gallery below:

Source: Architectural Designs

The corner fireplace encased in metallic surround sets a stunning focal point to this living room.

Source: The House Designers

This living room is furnished with tufted seats and glass tables supported by chrome legs. Massive windows at the right wall provide an incredible view of the greenery.

Source: Architectural Designs

Spacious living room with contemporary seats, natural wood tables, a large stone fireplace, and a spherical chandelier that hangs from the beamed ceiling.

Source: Don Gardner

Sleek windows and glass sliding doors surround this modern living room. It includes a fireplace and a blue tufted sectional that adds a pop of color to the room.

Source: Architectural Designs

Recessed lights along with a candle chandelier hanging from the beamed ceiling radiate a warm ambiance to this living room.

Source: The House Designers

Bright living room with L-shaped sectional, a shaggy area rug, and metal shelving units placed against the beige walls. Massive windows take in magnificent views and an abundant amount of natural light.

Source: Don Gardner

A lovely bold artwork adds a splash of color to this living room. It features a modern coffee table and a fireplace fitted against the brick pillar.

Source: The House Designers

The living room offers a sectional sofa, gray armchairs, round glass top tables, and a fireplace flanked by tall windows.

Source: The House Designers

This living room features a modern fireplace complemented with patterned armchairs. It is drenched in natural light that streams in through the wooden framed windows.

Source: The House Designers

This is a spacious and airy living room with a large curved gray sectional sofa, a massive glass wall, and a modern fireplace houses in an earthy red wall.

Designed by: McClean Design

This bright modern living room is highlighted by the amazing city skyline view that is presented by the surrounding glass walls. These also bring in an abundance of natural lighting that brightens the large brown L-shaped couch that matches with the brown area rug.

Designed By: VSHD

Modern living room furnished with a beige sectional sofa against the wood-paneled wall along with marble top coffee tables that sit on a gray area rug over white tiled flooring. It includes a wall-mount TV and a baby grand piano by the panoramic window bringing plenty of natural light in.

Designed by: Askdeco

Gray sectional sofas flank a rectangular coffee table over high gloss tiled flooring. It faces the long console table that’s accented by a large artwork on top.

Designed by: YLAB Arquitectos Barcelona

This is a bright and airy modern living room that is brightened by the abundance of natural lights coming in from the tall glass windows and doors that lead to a balcony. The living room has a gray comfortable sofa paired with small coffee table and a couple of colorful ottomans that stand out against the white woven area rug.

I love this sunken modern living room with huge custom white sectional sofa flanked by two black modern armchairs all facing a black accent wall with gas fireplace by Luca Lanzetta Group.

Isn’t that an amazing living room? The towering glass walls with the curved room is one of my favorite designs. See the rest of this home here.

Above is a simple modern living room in an urban glasshouse flooded with light. The spacious living room includes ultra-modern armchairs, a midcentury modern style sofa, and bench surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows. Photos: Redfin / Wicklund Real Estate

This modern living room looks larger than it actually is because of the large wide wall to wall windows and a light color scheme décor. The choice of art, clean lines of the ceiling and couches are all modern elements of design.

This living room comes off as a cozy family room with a large L shaped couch. True to modern design, it has minimal décor and plenty of natural light from floor to ceiling windows and skylights.

Thellend Fortin Architectes

The sleek, sharp edges of the furniture paired with a stylish contemporary gray/black/white theme make this a perfect example of contemporary design. But what cements this as a modern primarypiece is the sleek fireplace that looks like a piece of art.

Interior design by: ARRCC

The thing that stands out most here is the statement spiraling chandelier. Using one or two modern pieces in your décor can add a contemporary twist to your living room even if the rest of your design is simple.

Designed by: Thellend Fortin Architectes

A common component of modern design is minimalism. This living room is minimalistic as it gets. The clean design gives a sleek, futuristic vibe but it’s not cold and detached at all. There’s warmth from the leather chairs and wooden ceiling and the tasteful addition of color from the orange lamps adds a softness to the otherwise simple theme room.

Designed by: Bourgeois / Lechasseur architects

Natural light, natural light, natural light! As you can see, the abundance of windows is a strong feature in modern designs. This living room is fairly plain with white, black, and gray as the main color scheme and little to no décor. But the presence of plentiful natural light livens up space.

Designed by: Pietri Architectes

This breezy living room overlooking the pool gives a very beachy vibe thanks to its neutral-toned furniture. The room’s design is all straight lines and low ceiling, but the room itself is given character with funky modern décor that makes it seem less clinical than it would have otherwise looked.

Designed by: Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture

While this living room follows the same general trends of modern design, such as large windows, minimalistic design, and cool-toned color schemes, it also uses its furniture to add some contemporary flair. The dining table, in particular, is incredibly modern in design with a mixture of chairs for a casual, stylish look in an otherwise coordinated, symmetrical room.

This living room has brilliantly fused modern interior design with nature’s elements. The paneling is all warm wood and the mossy green couch reflects the abundant green of the trees outside. This is the kind of modern design that is far from the trend of robotic grays and blacks and focuses more on blending in with nature’s colors and design.

If you want a modern living room design that’s slightly more urban, this is a great example. Natural light and a modern color scheme are present but are made more personal with the addition of comfy cushions and plenty of art and plants. This makes for a really trendy, urban finish.


This living room also boasts panoramic views of snowy mountains. The geometric lines of the paneling and fixtures and stylish steel gray paint are what add a modern look to a classic mountain cabin. You don’t need to renovate everything to get a modern look, you can work with what you have and add elements of design tastefully for that overall effect.

Designed by: SAOTA

This living room is very neutral in its color scheme, keeping with modern color palettes. But it still manages to be trendy instead of plain and dull. Carefully selected hanging lights and art can add life to your living room without taking away from a clean, minimalist design.

Source: ARRCC

This small space is trendy and artistic while still being modern. You don’t need to give up all elements of oddly shaped décor for a minimal touch. This design incorporates many unusual knickknacks such as marbled coffee tables and fun patterned cushions.

Fabelta, Fenestration systems

This small living room gets the benefits of high ceilings and tall windows. The design is kept simple but when working with small spaces, you want to make sure that there’s a statement element you work your design around. In this case, it’s the wooden coffee table that adds character.


This living room is modern not only in the color scheme it chooses but in the careful symmetry of the design. Notice the white lamps and the placement of the couch, the chandeliers, and the black and white pieces on the table. Symmetry adds a modern, organized touch.


Another angle from the living room in the picture above shows how the couch also follows the symmetry from taking the traditional L shape and mirroring it on the other side for a U shape.


This living room is impressive not just for its interesting color combinations, but for how it has turned walls into pieces of art on their own. Using existing elements in the room to add to the overall design, instead of addingelements is a great option for smaller spaces.


This softly decorated living room is cozy and warm and keeps things simple. Once again, statement lights are used as a décor piece to add life to an otherwise simple room.

Anik Péloquin architecte

Another example of how using walls can be an element of the design itself. This living room is small and keeps the décor to a minimum using hanging lights and wooden walls to create a simple, but modern design.


This mustard and white living room uses the inclusion of curved and rounded shapes and slanting lines to create contrast. This is a great element of design where you play with shapes instead of just colors alone to create a modern outlook.


Notice the symmetry once again. From the plantation to couches and sofas, this large living room uses symmetry and a sleek monochrome design as modern décor elements of choice. And it pulls it off brilliantly.

LLI Design

To create a cozy, but clean vibe in this small space, the design uses light colors for furniture, flooring, and paint, but adds color and character through cushions, art, and décor. The key to keeping it minimal but not empty-looking is to make sure your décor is spaced out, not cluttered.


This living room almost uses the trees outside as décor, leaving the walls plain and the windows bare to frame the nature outside. It’s a great way to use your surroundings as inspiration for the design.

Listed by: DouglasElliman Real Estate
Source: Zillow Digs TM

Large windows are a staple in contemporary design, but large mirrors take the look of this living room to another level. Sleek, stylish furniture and a soft neutral theme with some feminine accents and a delicate but trendy chandelier make this living room modern chic.


This living room has used the curves in the walls as inspiration for the kind of furniture it uses. From curved couches to circular lights and fixtures, it’s harmonized with the design of the room itself. Who says you can’t use curves in modern design?

Source: Zillow Digs TM

This living room with its own multiple screen bars keeps the design very simple and clean. Though there isn’t a lot of décors, the design still incorporates a lot of symmetry that makes for a polished finish.

BFDO Architects

This living comes dining room is expertly partitioned off. And while the living room is small, it makes use of the space to add warmth through furniture and rugs in contrast to the cooler paint.

Fabelta, Fenestration systems

Again, notice how the trees outside look almost like a painting.

Fabelta, Fenestration systems

A different perspective of the room shows how the stacked wood for the fireplace has been artfully placed to make it seem like an art installment.

Atelier RZLBD

Despite a small window and low ceiling, this living room comes off as modern because of its minimalistic style and dominantly white color scheme.

Source: Zillow Digs TM

When there are no windows to play with, using creative lighting can add dimension to space. This living room uses modern furniture, colors, and craft fully placed lights to make the living room look almost futuristic.


This living room and attached outdoor dining area use marble, wood, and spotlights together to create a beautiful finish.

Once again, hanging lights stand out as statement pieces. This one looks even more modern because of the thin hanging which makes it seem like it’s floating in midair.


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